SEAHORSE OFFSHORE SDN BHD has line up simple basic procedures of acquiring supplies of MGO by the clients and customers as listed in numerical orders as below:




Clients/customers to send Request for Quotation (RfQ) to SEAHORSE OFFSHORE SDN. BHD. via email to acquire for supply of either MGO for pricing.






As received RfQ's, our company will reply with the Official Quotation with indication of the pricing.






Upon received of the Quotation, the Clients/customers shall produce and reply to SEAHORSE OFFSHORE SDN. BHD. Official Quotation with an Official Purchase Order (PO) to be sent via email.




Once we received the PO, we will arrange the bunker delivery schedule via our Operation departments and will relay on the information upon the delivery to the clients and customers.


We also will notify the clients/customers of our bunker barge details for reference of operation.


For the payment conveniences, after the bunker delivery done, we will send over the copy of the Bunker Delivery Note (BDN) with the Invoice to the clients and customers via email and the hard copies will be send over through courier service to the designated address.


Hiring a 3rd Party Surveyor will be charge accordingly to the clients/customers upon request and will be included in the invoice.